Best Day Trips from Copenhagen

Best Day Trips from Copenhagen, Everything you’d expect from a thriving metropolitan European hub from nightlife to gastronomy to world-class museums can be found in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, which is a popular destination for both tourists and Danes.

You may escape the hustle and bustle of the city and be transported to the fjords, lakes, castles, and cliffs that are typical of Scandinavia, each more beautiful than the previous, in the area immediately around the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

It’s easier than ever to take a day trip outside of the city and discover new and interesting areas thanks to the excellent public transportation system in Copenhagen and the seemingly endless number of attractions in the area.

Best Day Trips from Copenhagen

Best Day Trips from Copenhagen
Best Day Trips from Copenhagen

Kronborg Castle

Denmark’s most famous castle, which was first constructed in 1420, has stayed remarkably intact over the years, making it an incredibly interesting location to visit in addition to being breathtakingly beautiful.

Its location on the island of Helsingr, which also possesses significant historical value as a key gateway to the Baltic, provides visitors with unrestricted panoramic views over the seas of the resund Sound.

Explore the Castle Chapel, the West Wing’s tapestry-covered walls, and the spectacular Knight’s Hall to learn more about all of this.

The fact that this castle served as an inspiration for the residence of the enduring character Hamlet will excite literature enthusiasts as well.

Each year at the castle, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Shakespeare plays are performed.


The city of Malmö is the third-largest in Sweden and unquestionably one of the best places to visit for a day trip in Scandinavia.

The experience begins an hour away, before you’ve even arrived at your destination, with an eye-opening trip across the enormous resund Bridge that unites Sweden and Denmark.

Experience the diversity of Swedish architecture in Malmö, which includes everything from Malmöhus Castle, one of Scandinavia’s tallest structures, to Scandinavia’s oldest and best-preserved Renaissance-style castle.

In addition, prepare to experience the vibrant modern dining, music, and shopping scenes by going to places like Stora Torget or on Sodergatan.

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One of the most well-known and beloved authors of fairy tales, Hans Andersen, was born in this charming tiny city, and after visiting the area where he spent his formative years, you might feel a little inspired.

Odense is the ideal place to meander around, with its cobblestone alleys surrounded with timbered cottages painted in various pastel colours.

Visit the lovely Munke Mose Park or have some real Danish food at Flammen.

Frederiksborg Palace

Frederiksborg Palace, which dates to the 1600s, is renowned for its extensive and breathtakingly beautiful network of gardens that are punctuated by three islands on which the palace buildings are located.

The royal Chapel, Bath House Palace, and The Museum of National History are all set against the immaculately planted gardens.

The museum, which is also the Palace’s second main draw, is housed in a stunning Baroque structure and features an excellent collection of fine art, portraits, and modern pieces in addition to an extensive history of the castle and Denmark as a whole.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you may visit both attractions nearby Kronborg Castle in one day, however either one alone will keep you busy for the rest of the day.

Church of Our Lady

The town of Kalundborg is home to the renowned Vor Frue Kirke, popularly known as the Church of Our Lady, in addition to a picturesque Old Town and an intriguing museum.

The building, which dates back to the 11th century, is still remarkably well-preserved and stunning.

The Church is particularly well-known for its five towers that resemble a Greek cross and its saint-named spires.

The Church’s interior is equally magnificent, making the little trip from Copenhagen worthwhile.

Nykøbing, Falster

The island of Falster, which is about two hours away from Copenhagen, is serenely lovely and home to the fortress town of Nykbing.

The largest town on the island has some castle remnants, but most people come here for the other attractions it has to offer, such the enormous and stunning marina, which is always bustling with boats and is surrounded by places to eat and drink.

Visit the City Museum and the Middle Ages Center while you’re in town as well; both are excellent resources for local history.

Lyngby Open-Air Museum

The Lyngby Open-Air Museum is a fantastic country retreat from the city, only 15 kilometers from Copenhagen, yet it feels like a world away. It also provides an extraordinary glimpse into the agricultural practices practiced countrywide for ages.

The Open-Air Museum covers an impressive 35 acres and features farm buildings and mills from all around the United States, as well as some from foreign countries.

In addition to learning about the evolution of farming technology, you may relax and take in sights of the lush green fields, grazing animals, and simple yet meticulously cared-for gardens.

A day trip to Lyngby Open-Air Museum, where you may ride around in a horse-drawn carriage, is guaranteed to put you in touch with nature.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

The interesting and modern Louisiana Museum of Modern Art can be found in close proximity to Copenhagen and is easily accessible thanks to Denmark’s efficient and rapid train service.

Those with even a passing interest in art should visit the museum, as it houses more than 3,500 works by artists such as Pablo Picasso and Henry Moore.

Even if art isn’t your thing, the museum’s setting on the edge of the water with a view of the resund Strait and the Swedish coast makes it well worth a day trip.

It is one of the best day trips from Copenhagen because of the beautiful scenery, the priceless art, and the excellent restaurant serving Danish and international food.

Bakken Amusement Park

Bring your camera on this out-of-this-world day trip that features both UNESCO World Heritage Sites and roller coasters.

Dyrehaven forest park, an enormous oak woodland home to wild deer, is only 30 minutes distant from Copenhagen Central Station.

The forest is beautiful enough to be on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and if that weren’t enough, you can find Bakken Amusement Park hidden away in there, too.

There is a rollercoaster in the world’s oldest theme park that has been running nonstop since 1932.

This classic amusement park has been thrilling visitors for decades and now has authentic Danish street merchants and restaurants.

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Dragr, a colorful fishing village not far from Copenhagen, is often regarded as one of the country’s nicest locations due to its attractive thatched homes and cobblestone streets.

It’s so appealing that farmers’ markets and other open-air bazaars set up shop there year-round, offering anything from locally grown fruit to an unlimited variety of freshly caught fish.

Dragr is the ideal hamlet escape for anyone seeking a taste of medieval Denmark, thanks to its waterside museum and tourable farmhouse.