Best Things to Do in Colombes (France)

Best Things to Do in Colombes, Northwest of Paris, Colombes is a suburb with simple admittance to the middle. All around Colombes there are tokens of the business that overwhelmed the region in the nineteenth and twentieth hundreds of years

. These old production lines and distribution centers have since been transformed into workplaces, shops and extravagance lofts.

Colombes has drawn in high workers and the assistance business, being minutes from La Défense. The Yves-du-Manoir arena in Colombes additionally organized occasions for the 1924 Paris Olympics, and stays the home of the effective Hustling 92 Rugby Club.

On the off chance that you can’t overlook the call of the capital you can be at Paris Holy person Lazare Station in less than 20 minutes on the rural train organization.

Best Things to Do in Colombes

Best Things to Do in Colombes
Best Things to Do in Colombes

Les Quatre Temps

For a totally different encounter endeavor you can jump over to this shopping center in La Défense.

Be ready, as this is no place to trifle with; Les Quatre Temps is the most-visited shopping center in France, pressing in near 50 million customers every year since it returned after a makeover in 2008. The insights for this behemoth can make you bleary eyed; there are in excess of 300 shops north of four levels.

For probably the first time, stopping won’t be an issue at this shopping center as there are 6,500 spaces on four levels.

Try not to come assuming you really want stores and oddball shops.

Be that as it may, assuming that you need every one of the large brands and mass market chains in a single spot, you can arrive at Les Quatre Temps in minutes from Colombes.

Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen

Travel east from Colombes and you’ll get to an enormous swap meet that exchanges on ends of the week and Mondays.

It began in 1870 and over the long run has extended to a nine-hectare site, with 2,000 dealers and up to 5,000,000 customers every year.

Albeit the market has tidied up and lost a portion of its daring appeal over the most recent couple of years, it’s still wonderland for collectibles customers.

In the event that you’re prepared to do the legwork you can find un-reestablished furniture, lighting, mirrors, artworks, statuettes, toys, records, dress, lights and quite a few other recycled things.

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8th Arrondissement

Likewise kind with public vehicle, the eighth Arrondissement has its own portion of enormous milestones and riveting exhibition halls.

For culture you can browse the Stupendous and Petit Palais, the store of Italian craftsmanship at the Musée Jacquemart-André and the Chinese fortunes at the Musée Cernuschi.

La Madeleine is a Neoclassical church planned like a Roman Sanctuary and worked during Napoleon’s standard in the mid 1800s.

Then, at that point, obviously there’s the exceptional Spot de la Concorde where Louis XVI was executed in 1793, and the Champions Élysées, scene of time characterizing occasions like the 1998 World Cup festivities.

Shopping Passages

Lining the station at Holy person Lazare is the second Arrondissement, which as well similar to a monetary locale is a customer’s fantasy.

Shopping is transformed into an artistic expression at the Entries Couverts, covered s displays that previously showed up toward the finish of the eighteenth 100 years and turned into a key piece of the cityscape.

There are six in all to find in the second Arrondissement, and a hurricane visit will require an hour or somewhere in the vicinity.

However, it’s ideal to require your investment, appreciating the mosaic floor in the Galerie Vivienne, looking up at the nave-like rooftop at the Section du Amazing Cerf or perusing the postcard shops in the Entry des Displays.

1st Arrondissement

On the right bank of the Seine are a large number of the landmarks and establishments that make Paris, Paris.

You could get the train to Paris Holy person Lazare in a short ways from Colombes and afterward meander down towards the waterway.

Each couple of steps there’s a top notch exhibition hall like the Louver, Musée de l’Orangerie or the Musée des Expressions Decoratifs.

Or on the other hand you’ll end up in a spot resounding with many years history like Cardinal Richelieu’s Palais Illustrious, or the Jardin des Tuileries.

This is the site of Louis XVI’s royal residence, raged by the Public Gatekeeper during the Upheaval.


Palais Garnier

This famous Beaux-Expressions show house sets the norm for execution settings all over the planet.

In the event that you need a seat at one of the ballet productions facilitated at the Palais Garnier you’ll have to book well ahead of time.

In any case, processing around on a tour merits coming just.

The ornamentation inside should be believed to be accepted, with friezes, balustrades, segments and sculptures produced using marble in a scope of varieties.

The roof in the Excellent Hall was painted by Marc Chagall.

The Italianate hall situates very nearly 2,000 and has a phase that is the biggest in Europe, with space for a cast of 450.

Arc de Triomphe

Straight from one point to the other this is the closest significant Paris milestone to Colombes.

It’s just five kilometers away and if you somehow happened to set off first thing on an end of the week morning you could get there shortly.

The remainder of the time you’ll require a piece longer to get to a landmark that stands with the Eiffel Pinnacle as a worldwide identifier for Paris.

The name lets you know that this is victorious curve implicit a Traditional style to respect the fallen in the Progressive and Napoleonic Conflicts at the turn of the eighteenth 100 years.

There are reliefs of fights and the names of the heroes are cut in the limestone.

Go up to the rooftop to contemplate the unhindered view along the Hatchet Historique.

17th Arrondissement

If you have any desire to see the Parisian elite right at home, you can make the ten-minute train ride to this extravagant area.

The seventeenth Arrondissement as we see it presently was planned by Nobleman Haussman, with wide roads and marvelous condos.

At road level there are shops and upscale eateries.

You’ll have two or three extraordinary food markets to potter around here: The Marché Poncelet, a long-lasting road market, and the Marché des Batignolles, with outside slows down.

The Parc Monceau here is improved with imprudences charged in the eighteenth 100 years by the Duke of Chartres, the cousin of Louis XVI who might likewise before long lose his head in the Transformation.

Île de la Jatte

Under ten minutes via vehicle is the Île de la Jatte, a stream island among Courbevoie and Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Albeit the island is currently home to around 4,000 individuals it used to be parkland for the now evened out Château de Neuilly.

A Sanctuary of Eros at the southern tip of the island is one of only a handful of exceptional slight hints of this property.

After the Île de la Jatte was redeveloped under Napoleon III in the nineteenth century it turned into a day out for Impressionist painters, who might stop their easels to paint the Seine.

There’s currently an Impressionist path directing you to the scenes painted by Monet, Sisley, van Gogh and obviously Seurat, whose portrayal of the riverbanks is the most persevering.


Grande Arche

The Hatchet Historique meets Paris in a slanting line from La Défense to the Louver.

What’s more, it’s fantastic to have the option to remain at the Grande Arche and gaze directly through the entryway of the Curve de Triomphe a few kilometers away toward the southeast.

The Grande Arche, finished in 1989, is effectively the locale’s most photographable milestone.

In May 2017 you’ll have the option to get to the rooftop interestingly since a disaster with the lifts in 2010. While you’re up here you can see the value by they way it was likewise based on one more pivot with the tallest structures in the city, the Visit Monparnasse and the Eiffel Pinnacle.

Esplanade de La Défense

Except if you’re on a work excursion the allure of La Défense will lie exclusively in its shopping, present day design and vanguard form.

You can get a preference for all of this on the long and expansive Esplanade de La Défense, which resembles strolling on a gorge floor between walls of high rises.

In the event that you’re going slowly you can delay to notice a few exceptional bits of public craftsmanship, the majority of which was introduced during the 80s and 90s.

See Michel Deverne’s Grande Mosaïque and Le Pouce (an enormous Bronze thumb) by César Baldaccini.

You can likewise see where La Défense started at the twofold shelled, built up concrete CNIT building.

This dates to 1958 despite everything as hypnotizing as any of the more current designs.

Ancienne Église Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul

This previous church is a French landmark historique yet and has been a ruin for very nearly 50 years.

It’s a casualty of its area, close to a fundamental street that was extended in 1968 requiring the nave to be destroyed.

What’s left currently is the ringer tower and a couple of curves, which have stonework returning to the 1100s.

As a matter of fact there has been a congregation here since the early center ages,and when the street was dove during the 60s laborers went over Merovingian internments.

L’Avant Seine

A social setting Colombes can be pleased with, L’Avant Seine is a trendy venue that opened in 1991. Indeed, even 25 years after it was constructed the 1,000-seater amphitheater is cutting edge, as its stage sits on water powered chambers and can be changed relying upon the sort of show.

The season begins in May and is adequately different to offer something for all preferences: There’s plays, show, dance, film screenings, music, everything being equal, satire and sorcery.

You could likewise come around for lunch at the theater’s smooth café.


Musée Municipal d’Art et d’Histoire

Well before it was a suburb of Paris, Colombes had its own château, involved by a few major verifiable figures.

One of these was Henrietta Maria, the widow of the English Ruler Charles I who escaped here after he was executed by Oliver Cromwell in 1649. This is a very rare example of Ancien Régime strings you can pull on at Colombes’ neighborhood exhibition hall.

Then you’ll dive into the nineteenth and twentieth hundreds of years when the region was industrialized and was the base for producers like Ericsson, Goodrich tires and the perfumer Guerlain.

Colombes’ brandishing legacy is likewise uncovered in a show relating the 1924 Olympics.

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Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir

The Main 14 rugby club Dashing 92 still purposes this 14,000-seater arena in Colombes for its home matches.

Les Ciel et Blanc generally rival the best sides in the division and brought home the title in the 2015-16 season.

In the event that you’re in the temperament for some top of the line rugby this is hopefully acceptable, as the crew is sprinkled with internationals like the New Zealander Dan Carter, one of the best players ever.

However, the arena holds a specific persona as well: It facilitated a wide range of occasions, including games, at the 1924 Paris Olympics, while it was likewise the stage for the 1938 World Cup won by an Italian side drove by Giuseppe Meazza.