Best Things to Do in Marinha Grande (Portugal)

Best Things to Do in Marinha Grande, At the focal point of a middle age pine manor, Marinha Grande is a town that developed around Portugal’s Imperial Glassworks during the 1700s.

It has utilized the satiate of pine sap and sand to form crystal since the 1700s, and this in the long run developed in a plastics industry that is as yet the biggest boss.

However, that doesn’t recount to the full story, as the Atlantic Coast additionally falls inside the district.

The charming retreat of São Pedro de Moel pulled in the elite in the nineteenth hundred years, while Vieira de Leiria was a more conventional fishing local area, and both merit your time.

Both have obliging sandy sea shores that are lashed by the Atlantic surf.

Best Things to Do in Marinha Grande

Best Things to Do in Marinha Grande


The earliest settlements in Marinha Grande were on the coast, and a great deal of the customary food is fish or fish-based.

The brand name dish is most likely arroz de marisco, which is rice, shellfishes, prawns and mussels stewed in a garlic, tomato and onion stock.

One more that began at Praia da Vieira is carapus abertos, dried mackerel.

This would be opened, washed, salted and afterward left on a mission to evaporate in the sun for to three days.

Certain individuals eat it crude, yet the option is to barbecue the filets, season them with vinegar, pepper and onion and serve them with bubbled potatoes.

The town’s glassmakers had their own soup; sopa da vidreiro made with whatever was in the cabinet, and had cod, egg, potato, garlic and extra chile cake.

Batalha Monastery

At the point when an UNESCO Site and one of Portugal’s irreplaceable assets is in range there’s no reason not to make the outing.

It was over hundred years really taking shape, with work starting in 1386 as a dedication to the Portuguese triumph over the Spanish at the Skirmish of Aljubarrota the prior year.

This loans it an inebriating combination of High Gothic and mid sixteenth century Manueline engineering.

There’s a bewildering add up to see, from the uncommonly tall nave to the Regal Order and the luxurious Incomplete Houses of prayer connected by a heavenly entryway.

The burial chambers of John I and spouse Philippa of Lancaster are glorious as well.

Their children became known as the “Famous Age”, one of whom was the adventurer Henry the Pilot, additionally covered here.

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Outdoor Activities

You can say thanks to Leiria’s archaic lords for the everything to do in the wide open around Marinha Grande.

The Pinhal de Leiria is a new and fragrant climate for strolls and bicycle rides, and has a couple of cookout spots.

As a matter of fact, bicycles have been an excellent method of transport for 100 years as the town’s glassmakers utilized two wheels to get around.

Walkers can choose from three stamped trails, one of which tracks the course of an old tin mining train down to São Pedro de Moel.

Surfers and body-visitors will tingle to test their abilities against the wild neighborhood surf, and there are schools for these exercises at São Pedro de Moel and Vieira de Leiria.


Something like 10 minutes by street, Leiria has the climate of a major city and enough touring to save you on your feet for an entire day.

It was a furiously challenged fortification during the Reconquista, and changed hands between the Fields and Christians a couple of times in the twelfth 100 years.

The palace, peering down on the old town from its grandiose roost, is a demonstration of that period and was brought up in the 1130s a work to combine power.

Later this post was a permanent spot for rulers Denis I, Fernando and John I, so was made more lavish as time went on.

Additionally make certain to potter around the old town, peruse the MiMo (moving picture historical center), and see what is authoritatively Portugal’s most seasoned paper plant.


While Marinha Grande’s sea shores are fantastic in their various ways, none are truly appropriate for more youthful children to swim or try and sprinkle around in the shallows.

So you ought to likewise make for Vieira de Leiria to visit waterpark, which is in a complex with the town’s inn resorts.

There’s a bunch of pools with shallow water, and a decision of three water slides.

Children can likewise pursue a scope of exercises like kayaking, impediment courses and “water ball”, where they can go around on the outer layer of the water in a straightforward circle.

Vieira de Leiria

This town is additionally inside the Marinha Grande region, and sits four kilometers from the coast on the left bank of the Lis Waterway.

A people group of shipbuilders and glassmakers developed around the Lis after it was made traversable during the 1800s, while anglers have earned enough to pay the bills on the coast for many years.

Simply strolling around Vieira de Leiria’s seaside territory you’ll see a couple customary sickle formed “half-moon” boats that would be sent off against the crashing surf on the primary ocean side, and the conventional houses, painted in brilliant stripes are extremely bringing.

The sandy ocean side is all around as welcoming as any nearby, and is limited toward the north by the Lis and toward the south by the northernmost cusp of the Pinhal de Leiria.

Praia das Pedras Negras

You can see the reason why the Pinhal de Leiria was planted when you travel north from São Pedro de Moel.

After the beacon the coast straightens and the sea shores are followed by ridges for a significant distance into the distance.

Assuming you’re into geography you may be captivated by the changing climate at this ocean side; toward the south there are dull marlstone outcrops that were quarried for their gypsum in the twentieth hundred years.

These stones are the most seasoned in the district, returning as much as 245 million years.

Concerning the ocean side, it’s a wide sandy strip before the seething Atlantic and upheld by that memorable pine ranch.

Museu Joaquim Correia

The Taibner de Morais Santos Barosa possessed this structure and played a part in Marinha Grande’s glassmaking exchange the 1800s.

It’s an exemplary common house from that period, getting from various verifiable styles, and with a mansard rooftop that sticks out.

Beginning around 1997 it has housed a display for the twentieth century stone worker, Joaquim Correia, one of Marinha Grande’s most popular children.

He was brought into the world to a group of glassmakers and turned into a significant individual from Portuguese innovation’s subsequent age, with works in historical centers and public spaces the nation over.

A portion of his tremendous collection of work is on show here, and in 2010 another structure was added to flaunt his bigger models.


Coleção Visitável da Indústria de Moldes

The tar manufacturing plant close to Palácio Stephens has as of late been given an update, with another straightforward veneer.

It contains a wing of the Glass Historical center, yet in addition a different assortment that will ultimately shape its own exhibition hall.

This arrangements with large scale manufacturing, and the shape making business that took over from glass-blowing procedures during the 1930s.

You’ll follow the mechanical improvement of this industry across 80 years, helped by many years of glass and plastic items made in the town, as well as photographs, chronicle film and hardware.

Casa-Museu Afonso Lopes Vieira

Afonso Lopes Vieira was a writer and scholarly dynamic in the nineteenth and twentieth hundreds of years.

His family had a home in São Pedro de Moel, which was subsequently given to him as a wedding gift and was a most loved summer home of his when numerous extraordinary journalists and masterminds of the time remained as visitors.

Not well before he passed on he gave the property to Marinha Grande relying on the prerequisite that the decorations in the parlor and on the gallery were saved.

Assuming you’re stuck for thoughts it’s a fascination with remember, to respect the wonderful turn of the century furniture and tilework, yet additionally to be in a spot that invited a portion of Portugal’s extraordinary personalities of the age.

Sights around Town

As a town with a modern foundation, Marinha Grande is falling short on glorious milestones, however it has a lot of structures that recount a fascinating story.

The Casa do Vidreiro on Largo Ilídio de Carvalho is an enduring illustration of local engineering, an unassuming single-story house with a trademark patio.

The Metropolitan File, Library and Display all structure a focal troupe with the glass historical center and are in cultured painted houses.

There’s a large group of minor landmarks to pay special attention to as well, similar to the bust of Guilherme Stephens and the Orpheus sculpture by Joaquim Correia.

Likewise get a snap of São Pedro de Moel’s beacon on the bluffs, 55 meters over the sea and dating to 1912.

São Pedro de Moel

This little vacationer territory close to the ocean side warrants a section for its upmarket air.

São Pedro de Moel is all the better for its absence of current structures, as the greater part of the houses are from the 1800s when the affluent ran to the town in summer.

One of those was the fundamental essayist and scholar, Afonso Lopes Vieira, and you can go into his home.

In the mid year there are bars and fish eateries, as well as a nightlife scene that is a lot more energetic than you’d figure from the calm climate by day.

Pinhal de Leiria

Toward each path from Marinha Grande, spreading over in excess of 11,000 hectares is a woodland of oceanic pines.

Furthermore, what’s captivating about this forest is that it isn’t completely normal; it was established in the thirteenth hundred years to stop the sand ridges on the coast from spreading to the farmland around Leiria.

The woodland was necessary to the Portuguese Period of Disclosure, particularly as a wellspring of tar that would keep Portugal’s renowned caravel boats above water.

And afterward it was instrumental to Marinha Grande’s development, giving pine sap and loads of fuel for glassmaking.

Presently it’s rural strolling nation, dispersed with traces of the past like tar broilers and old lookouts.


Praia de São Pedro de Moel

In the region is this stunning ocean side that is lined by a wealthy occasion local area.

We’ll zero in near the ocean until further notice, which is brimming with show: Aside from a little hole where the town spills down to the shore, the ocean side is walled by strong bluffs, while along the wash it is flung with rock developments.

It’s simply the spot assuming you favor untamed shoreline, with crashing Atlantic waves that are perfect for body-visitors and surfers yet less fit to washing.

The fine white sand and heart-lifting panaormas certainly compensate for this.

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Museu do Vidro

Marinha Grande and glassmaking have remained closely connected for many years.

The exhibition hall reporting this relationship is in the Palácio Stephens, an eighteenth century Neoclassical castle, the home of Guilherme Stephens, which was joined to town’s gum processing plant.

He was an English business visionary who raked in some serious cash during the recreation of Portugal after the 1755 quake, and in 1769 assumed control over Portugal’s Imperial Glassworks.

His endeavors transformed Marinha Grande into a focal point of greatness and laid the tracks for the future shape making industry.

Hundreds of years of glassmaking expertise is uncovered here, and there’s likewise an entire range of china, from straightforward utensils to fine precious stone show-stoppers.