Best Things to Do in Saint-Leu (Reunion, France)

Best Things to Do in Saint-Leu, On the leeward side of Gathering, Holy person Leu is a some place to reach out to the island’s bountiful nature.

There’s a safe-haven for ocean turtles, a plant center and rough projections on the coast. You can go submerged to see exotic fish, or watch whales and dolphins penetrating over the waves and.

Furthermore, along the shore there are surf sea shores battered by Indian Sea’s grows, and peaceful tidal ponds where the water is straightforward and warm.

Gathering is known for its terrific volcanic scenes, and you’ll move toward the impressive Piton des Neiges and Cirque de Mafate on the Course du Maïdo street, which climbs in excess of 2,000 meters in only a couple of kilometers.

Best Things to Do in Saint-Leu

Best Things to Do in Saint-Leu
Best Things to Do in Saint-Leu

Musée de Villèle

In the event that you’re captivated by Get-together’s past, the Musée de Villèle slices to the center of manor life in the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years.

The highlight is a superb frontier manor, which may be a Mexican hacienda or something out of Gone with the Breeze.

The domain, claimed by the Desbassayns family, fans out more than 10 hectares and was once devoted to sugar creation, as you’ll see at the saved processing plant on the site.

Furthermore, there’s a more impactful history as an old slave medical clinic.

The manor’s insides are embellished with period furniture and enrichment, providing you with a total cross segment of Gathering life, from the exceptionally rich to the individuals who in a real sense didn’t have anything.

Whale Watching

What’s more, from June to October in the interim, you’re in an ideal situation over the waves to see some astounding marine life.

Concerning these five months, humpback whales move to the sea off the west side of the island.

At times you don’t for a moment even need to pass ashore to recognize them as you can stop at a headland like Pointe au Sel with a couple of optics.

If you would like to draw nearer there are organizations offering travels, and these are represented by all sanctions and guidelines so you’ll be glad to know that you’re not meddling with their environment.

The remainder of the time blade and sperm whales are once in a while located, and a few dolphin animal types are here throughout the entire year.

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Holy person Leu is one of the best positions for jumpers on Get-together as there are large quantities of ocean turtles, dolphins and fish in these waters.

An opportunity to arrive for his movement is in the mid year, among October and June, when the water is warm and the exchange winds are low.

Water temperatures tops at 30°C in December and January and the perceivability is as its best in these months.

One a few sublime locales in the space is the sea simply off the Pointe au Sel.

There’s a powerful 70-meter drop-off beneath the waves, and monster trevally and fish glint in the water, while dolphins might participate to see what you’re doing.


In from the coast Holy person Leu is on a long consistent slant, and this geology, joined with the sea breezes makes it Gathering’s paragliding area of interest.

This action becomes fundamental when you understand exactly how much there is to see from the sky in Gathering.

Couple with an accomplished lightweight plane you’ll take off from a slope roost and circle from land to sea.

Up here the cobalt blue of the sea and the rich plant life of the tropical vegetation are significantly really entrancing, and for show the Piton des Neiges and Mafate tops drift somewhere far off toward the east.

Thrill seekers can likewise attempt some light aerobatics as they’re lifted by the flows.

Le Souffleur

This regular interest is both extremely satisfying on the eye and loads of tomfoolery: Le Souffleur is a blowhole, right on the coast at Holy person Leu.

Underneath the waterline the magma has cooled to make a characteristic channel through the stone.

At the point when the sea hits these stones it powers a fly of water up the shaft, impacting it many meters out of sight.

On the off chance that you’re a maturing photographic artist you’ll be extremely taken with this spot.

Attempt to get the fly from the right point, when the shower shapes a little rainbow.

Pointe au Sel

Something that never fails to stun in Get-together is the way the shoreline can change in two or three hundred meters.

South of the town of Holy person Leu the seascapes get exceptionally unmistakable and precluding.

This is the Pointe au Sel, where waves run into the headland’s volcanic rocks.

Further in, the cape’s weird savannah vegetation and frangipani trees are defended as a characteristic park.

What’s more, the headland’s name comes from its noteworthy salt homestead.

This is the final remaining one to be tracked down on Get-together, and has been gathering salt with similar techniques starting around 1942. There’s a salt historical center and shop where you get a pack of craftsman salt to bring back home.

Plage Saline-les-Bains

One of the most amazing sea shores for swimmers on Gathering is just 10 kilometers up the coast from Holy person Leu town.

Plage Saline-les-Bains is lined up with a seaward reef that cushions the sea and its fierce waves.

So the water here is clear, shallow and warm, and is couldn’t be better for swimming and swimming.

There are likewise puts along the ocean side where you can employ a paddleboard or kayak to take off and see a greater amount of the tidal pond.

For the people who simply need to laze near the ocean, the sand is lined by palms and Australian pines, and you won’t ever be in excess of a couple of steps from a bar.

Marché de Saint-Leu

Holy person Leu’s nearby market has a heavenly area on the beach front street.

There’s a somewhat little however enchanting combination of slows down selling handiworks, new tropical products of the soil, as well as Creole specialities made nearby.

There are additionally custom made pickles to go with curry and sweet-smelling flavors like vanilla.

A tad more decision and more road food you want just head a couple of moments up the street to Holy person Paul.

This is seemingly Gathering’s best market, exchanging on Fridays and Saturdays.

In the event that you have a craving you could come only for the food trucks cooking samosas, Chinese-style dumplings, potato cakes, broiled cod balls and making the island’s wonderful torments bouchons gratinés sandwiches covered with dissolved cheddar.

Église du Sacré-Cœur de Saint-Leu

This congregation, made of volcanic stone, was appointed by Sosthène de Chateauvieux, a similar man who possessed the domain where Holy person Leu’s plant studio currently sits.

He was brought into the world in central area France and wedded into Gathering’s strong Desbassayns family, who we’ll experience somewhat later.

The congregation was fabricated rapidly around 1860 during a cholera scourge, and is set on a lovely projection which would merit the outing alone.

In 1996 it was named an authority French public landmark and in 2010 it was fitted with 60 new stained glass windows, designed in Marseille.


Route du Maïdo

The most immediate course into Gathering’s public park is out and about that winds up to a volcanic top at a height of 2,200 meters.

You might very well never take a more important drive than this, pressing an excursion and afterward exchanging to and fro through tamarind woodland and geranium fields to show up at a great post.

At the culmination you’ll be given a scene that could be in a dream film, where the gigantic Mafate Cirque opens up before you, with titanic walls of rock and tops somewhere far off north of 3,000 meters.

Park up at an outdoor table briefly of wonderment and afterward you can shoot off down a mobile path towards distant and adjoining tops.

Route des Tamarins

The Course des Tamarins is an expressway that opened in 2009 and courses down the west shoreline of the island.

In the event that you’re asking why an expressway ought to be a fascination recollect that you’re on Get-together, where the regular view is dependably magnificent.

So on the course there are perspectives on the sea from the slopes and you can peer down into 120 unique crevasses crossed by taking off viaducts.

Furthermore, in the event that you’re sharp wandering into Gathering’s early stage backwoods you can utilize the Course des Tamarins to will places like Le Tévelave to start your mission.

Maison du Coco

There probably won’t be a food with a more peculiar science than the coconut, which is developed across wraps of Gathering.

At the Maison du Coco you can will holds with the coconut, visit a seven-hectare estate and learn about the numerous uses of this foods grown from the ground.

You’re welcome to partake in a studio, winding around things with palm fronds, learning the fragile specialty of opening coconuts and tasting a large group of coconut items: There’s oil, milk, coconut water, candy-coated coconut, coconut sorbet and coconut sugar.

Obviously there’s likewise a shop with oils, cleansers and each and every other thing you’ll find on the homestead.

Musée Stella Matutina

The sugar business was large business on Gathering in the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years, and 200 years of this movement is recalled at this previous processing plant.

At its pinnacle the treatment facility was the fed by a 85-hectare manor, and has kept a ton of its immense hardware.

The historical center resumed in 2015 following a total redesign, and presently takes you on a total excursion of the sugar business on Gathering.

There’s a 400-seater theater and a 4D film.

You’ll perceive the way the sugarcane plant changed life on the island, and get to know the colossal cast of individuals, from humble to rich, who controlled the business.



There aren’t numerous exotic creatures that catch the heart and creative mind like the ocean turtle.

Also, Holy person Leu has an aquarium and exploration focus devoted altogether to this animal.

There’s a 500,000 liter tank, took care of via ocean water, permitting you to notice turtles swimming and communicating with one another as they would in nature.

Then there are displays graphing the effect people have had on ocean turtles and what’s on the horizon for them.

Outside you can see the specialists at work, really focusing on debilitated and harmed turtles before they’re delivered once again into the sea.

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Conservatoire Botanique National de Mascarin

Get-together’s plentiful vegetation is uncovered at this three-hectare park in Holy person Leu.

The studio is allowed to enter and was slowly developed during the 80s and 90s.

It satisfies a significant organic exploration job, yet for yourself and me is some place to be amazed by Get-together’s regular magnificence.

In this one nursery there are 4,000 plant species that are endemic to Gathering and the territorial islands of Rodrigues, Madagascar and Mauritius.

These are coordinated into segments, by orchids, bamboo, succulents, palms, plantations, rural harvests and Get-together’s native verdure.