How do I delete another Facebook account?

How do I delete another Facebook account?

  • To deactivate or erase your Facebook account.
  • Go to the upper right of any page.
  • Click Settings then Your Facebook Information in the left segment.
  • Select Deactivation and Deletion starting from the drop menu.

How do I delete another Facebook account?

How do I delete another Facebook account?

What occurs assuming I have two Facebook accounts?

Try not to have more than one Facebook account. The main explanation is that Facebook keeps clients from having more than one individual record, as indicated by their terms of administration. Subsequently, in the event that they figure out you have two individual records,

Is it conceivable to have two Facebook accounts?

Imagine a scenario in which you have two Facebook records and need to utilize both on a similar Android gadget. Here is a straightforward arrangement that is made conceivable by Facebook.

The organization really gives two separate Facebook applications, no, we’re not discussing Messenger that you can use to admittance to different virtual entertainment destinations simultaneously.

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For what reason do I have a second Facebook account?

Copy accounts are made when an individual’s veritable profile is copied, with the greater part of a similar data accessible, including photos. To keep the first profile proprietor from looking into the copy profile,

How would I unlink a record from my Facebook?
Open your record’s settings by going to Account Management. Select the Unlink choice close to the record you need to unlink.

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Could I at any point have two Facebook accounts with various messages?

You can utilize Facebook to work at least two unmistakable personalities from a similar record. You might make Pages for business and oversee them from your own profile.